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1.5 kw output 7.16 N.M delta servo motor ECMA-E11315RS
Product Code:
Rated Output Power:
1500W/1.5 KW  
Rated torque (N-m):
Max Torque (N-m):
Rated Speed (r/min):
Max Speed (r/min):
Motor Frame Size:
Encoder Type:
Incremental encoder, 20-bit   
Without Brake; With Oil Seal;with screw hole  
Protection level:

Delta ASDA-A2 series servo motor

Delta ASDA-A2 series features built-in electronic cam (E-CAM) function . ASDA-A2 series also supports various industrial communications protocols, such as CANopen, DMCNET, EtherCAT .vibration suppression and gantry control functions help to perform complex motions that require high precision and smooth operation. The 20-bit superior resolution encoder which is essential for accurate positioning applications is equipped as standard.Innovative editing software(ASD-SOFT)and high-speed PC monitoring (similar to a digital oscilloscope)let the use easy.

  •  Asda A2 delta  servo motors feature incremental encoder with 20-bit resolution (1280000 pulses/revolution). It can meet the requirements of delicate process and achieve stable rotate at low speed . The response frequency of A2 servo motor is Up to 1kHz . It’s Settling time is below 1ms.
  • Built-in automatic low-frequency vibration suppression (for crane control): two vibration suppression filters are provided to minimize the vibration at machine edges automatically and sufficiently.
  • Built-in automatic high-frequency resonance suppression: two auto notch filters are provided to suppress the mechanical resonance automatically.
  • ASDA A2 Soft configuration software provides internal parameter editing function for defining the path of each axis freely.
  • 64 internal position settings are offered for continuous motion control.
  • Destination position, speed and acceleration & deceleration commands could be changed in the middle of operation.
  • 35 kinds of homing modes are available.
  • Up to 720 E-CAM points.
  • Smooth interpolation between points can be completed automatically to yield a flexible programming.
  • ASDA A2 Soft configuration software provides electronic cam (E-CAM) profile editing function.
  • Applicable for rotary cut off and flying shear applications.
  • Built-in position feedback interface (CN5) is able to read second feedback signals from motor encoder and send the current position back to the drive to form a full closed-loop so that high accuracy position control can be accomplished.
  • Reduce the effects of mechanical imperfections such as backlash and flexibility to ensure the position precision at machine edges.

  • delta-ASDA-A2-Series-servo-motor-catalogue English Download
  • delta-ASDA-A2-Series-servo-motor-user-manual English Download
  • delta-ASDA-A2-series-servo-motor-CANopen-Technical-Guide English Download
  • Delta A2 B2 online debugging software Windows® XP SP3 (32bit Version), Windows® Vista Sp1 (32bit Version), Windows® 7 (32bit Version, 64bit Version), Windows® 10 (32bit Version, 64bit Version) Download
  • Delta A2 B2 online debugging software User Guide English Download
  • Drawings of ECMA-E11315RS dimensions English Download
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