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  • glass produce

    Opportunities in the epidemic Automation helps the glass industry break through the plight!

    For the glass deep processing industry, the new crown epidemic in early 2020 is too late. The market demand that had gradually recovered in the second half of 2019 was interrupted by the epidemic f...

  • Delta montion controller use for maks machine

    Application of Delta motion controller on KN95 mask machine

    Due to the impact of the epidemic, mask machines became the hottest industry in the first half of the year. Related raw materials, equipment, and manpower are all rising. In order to start producti...

  • delta scara robot

    Delta robots help manufacture key components of base stations

    In 2020, 5G construction, which has been assigned as the hub of digital infrastructure development, will become the brightest “star” in China’s “new infrastructure”. Although suffering the impact o...

  • Delta artificial intelligence

    Machine growth deep learning to build an automatic defect classification system

    A few years ago, when the “Alpha Dog” defeated the top human Go players, people began to look forward to the day when AI will bring changes to the world. It is hoped that AI can reach or at least a...