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Delta MS300 VFD

Delta MS300 VFD supports both IM and PM motor control and provides STO safety mechanism. Built-in a USB port to make data uploads and downloads fast and easy. Compare to the Delta c2000 VFD,the size of Delta MS300 VFD reduced up to 40%.

Built-in USB connection port


● Built-in USB port, engineer can edit, update, copy and download parameters through the USB port .

Variable accessory card f options for choose


●  For different applications, a variety of option cards are provided.Built-in CAN open and RS485, optional Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, CANopen, EtherCAT communication cards.

Smart installation space


●  The new and exquisite design, the volume is reduced by 40% compared with the existing product;MS300 VFD supports seamless side-by-side installationin the operating environment temperature of -20 ºC ~ 40 ºC,.


Excellent driving characteristics


●  Support induction motors 、 permanent magnet motors and servo motors.

High starting torque, strong overload capacity


●  When the MS300 VFD  output at 0.5HZ, it can produce 200% starting torque, especially suitable for high inertia starting occasions (centrifuge, industrial washing machine, fan).

●  Under normal duty, the overload capacity is 120% of the rated output current for 60 seconds and 150% for 3 seconds.


Support high-speed applications


●  Standard model output frequency 0-599 HZ, high frequency model can output up to 0-1500HZ

Excellent reliability


●  The circuit board is covered with 100% epoxy resin coating, which effectively improves circuit protection . It can effective protect the circuit from the erosion of complex environments.