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Delta slim plc can bus slaves communication module DVPCOPM-SL
Product Code:
Built-in Communication port:
1 CANopen port  
Add 1 CANopen slaves communication interface for system  

Delta DVP Slim   PLC

Delta DVP Slim  PLC is the most  simple PLC among Delta products. DVP Slim plc include Standard Slim PLC, Advanced Slim PLC, Analog I/O Slim PLC, Network Type  advanced Slim PLC、High Performance Slim PLC.It  can be equipped with Digital Module, Analog Module, Load Cell Module, Temperature Measurement Module, Positioning Module, DeviceNet slave communication module, Ethernet communication module, CANopen master communication module, PROFIBUS DP slave communication module, RS-485 / RS-422 , serial communication module, Profibus slave module, Remote I/O Module.Users can choose the suitable products according to the demand. DVP SS2 plc can meet the logic operation and motion control needs of general occasions.

DVP S series Silm plc CANopen Communication Module

                          DVPEN01-SL is CANopen Communication Module which is use for Delta S series Slim PLC

  • Built-in 1 hardware CANopen Communication port.
  • Function:Add 1 CANopen  communication interface for system

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