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7:1 single stage industrial heavy duty transmission planetary gearbox
Product Code:
Reduction ratio:
Rated output torque:
1100.0 N.M  
Rated Input Speed:
Maximum Input Speed:
Maximum Radial load:
14500 N.M   
Maximum axle load:
7250 N.M   
Operation Life:
2000 hours Constant operation   
Protection level:

Haina PRDH planetary gearbox 

Haina PRDH planetary gearbox provides efficient transmission solutions for various servo motors and stepper motors, with efficient transmission effciency, good durability and excellent accuracy. Flexible modular desien can be used for servo servo motor with different mounting flanges.

High rigidity and high torque

  • Employs uncaged needle roller bearings with a set design including ring teeth, gearbox and helical gears for high rigidity and output torque

High precision

  • – Backlash for 1-stage gearbox is under 5 arcmin
  • – Backlash for 2-stage gearbox is under 7 arcmin

High efficiency

  • – Effciency for 1-stage model exceeds 97%
  • – Effciency for 2-stage model exceeds 94%

Low noise

  • Uses helical gears, which are capable of meshing to ensure smooth and quiet operation

Lifetime lubrication

  • Protective class IP65 sealed design avoids leakage problems and requires no maintenanceduring the product’s lifetime
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