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Delta B2 servo motor

ASDA-B2 series supports 17bit (160000 ppr) high resolution encoder and meet UL, cUL, CE, and RoHS standards.The power rating of the ASDA-B2 Series ranges from 0.1kW to 3kW.With the help of ASD-SOFT soft, fast programming and debugging can be realized.

High-resolution encoder with 17-bit (160,000 p/rev) is equipped as a standard feature which satisfies the application needs of high precision positioning control and stable rotation at low speed.

Satisfy High Precision Positioning Requirements

●  Support pulse input (up to 4Mbps) and analog voltage two kinds of command.
● Built-in position, speed and torque three control modes (speed and torque mode could be controlled via internal parameters or analog voltage command).
● There auto notch filters are provided to suppress the mechanical resonance automatically and make the system operate more smoothly.

Offer Easy-To-Install Solution for Simple Start-Up

● Motor sizing software is offered for the customers to conduct the estimation of the equipment conveniently.

● ASDA-Soft configuration software (tuning software) is provided for the customers to meet the performance requirements quickly.

● Easy-to-use digital keypad is ideal for setting parameters and monitoring the servo drive and motor directly.

● Servo motor provides brake, oil seal etc. optional configurations for the requirements of different applications.

Reduce Maintenance and Wiring Cost for Versatile Operation

● Existing power cables and encoder cables for ASDA series could be used still. When upgrading, there is no need to purchase new accessories.

● The control circuit and main power circuit is separated, safety is increased and maintenance is much easier.

● 400W and above servo drive is built-in with regenerative resistor, significantly save the wiring and cost.

● Two analog input terminals (CN5) are provided, easily monitor and the status of the servo motor.